Empowering Humanity through the Arts

What We Do

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Building Bridges

The Peace Studio is a bridge-building hub comprised of educators, change-makers, artists, writers, performing artists, government, community and institutional leaders, parents and children and caring people the world over who are coming together to rebrand peace as something that is actionable, obtainable, and sustainable.  A not-for-profit organization, The Peace Studio is committed to telling transformational stories—and to developing and disseminating all manner of literary and artistic works including books, films, music, visual art, and other creative projects—that celebrate the best in the human spirit. By generating imaginative content that helps inspire critical thinking, conflict resolution, compassion, and courage, the Peace Studio intends to forge a renewed social and cultural movement to give optimism to people everywhere—especially young people and those raising and teaching them—that peace does not always mean solving an insurmountable problem, that each individual’s daily acts of peace leadership can offer powerful opportunities for lasting change, for connection and community, for love.



We hope to bring people together in common cause to reenergize the modern peace movement.

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Tell a Story

The Peace Studio will create and tell original stories, and develop works of art and of the imagination, to forge a new global culture and value system that offers healing and peaceful fulfillment to all.

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We hope to educate everyone, especially young people and especially those encountering conflicts, violence, and other deprivations of the human spirit, about the power of collaboration, community, civic engagement, and caring.

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